Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Write!

One of the best pieces of writing advice that I’ve been given seems simple enough, but I’m having a difficult time following it.

The advice is this:  just write; just get that first draft down on paper.  Don’t worry about editing; don’t agonize over word choice, just the get first draft down.

I feel like I shouldn’t be struggling with this on my current project.  I have an outline, I have scenes plotted out and I know exactly where I want the story to go.  I like my two main characters, so I like spending time with them.

But, I can’t seem to turn off the part of me that agonizes over word choice, even though I know perfectly well that it will probably change during the edit process anyway.  I don’t know if it’s the perfectionist in me, or if maybe it’s a way of putting off letting someone else read it.

Either way, I’m struggling with following this advice.  My original goal was to have the first draft completed by the end of October, but I’m nowhere near that point.

I have a unique opportunity this week to actually write during the day, instead of just in the evening, so I’m hoping I can make some good progress.  Either way, I know I need to just get it down on paper, or the screen I suppose, and worry about the edits later.

Easier said than done, I’m finding out, but I’m not giving up yet!


Patricia Kiyono said...

It does go against the grain, doesn't it? I still struggle with that. But you've got the idea - keep trying! Hope your week goes well.

Kelsey St. James said...

I do the same thing. :)


Carissa's Musings said...

Sometimes overthinking it, makes it a bigger issue than what it is- you just have to let it roll and then clean up in edits.