Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Weekend

It's Halloween Weekend- the weekend where we carve pumpkins, get dressed up and go to Halloween parties, bob for apples, tell scary ghost stories that cause chills to run up and down our spines, go to haunted attractions, have bonfires, and watch creepy movies. Trick or Treating of course will be held Wednesday evening this year- so all the children can get dressed up and enjoy the fall festivities too. But what is the purpose for this holiday? Based around Western European harvest festivities and festivals honoring the dead, we now have Halloween.

Many people look forward to Halloween festivities. However, there are a few other groups that enjoy ghosts and being scared year round: Taps, Ghost Adventures, Dead Files, etc. These groups look forward to hunting and having scary experiences each time they go on an investigation.


These are also the people that have caught my attention this holiday season. Instead of worrying about going out and buying lots of candy, carving pumpkins that rot too quickly, investing in Halloween costumes that are only worn once a year, (which I plan to do when I have children) I decided to stay in, relax, and be scared until the wee hours in the morning watching ghost stories. Might I a add, the ghost programs this weekend have been unusually scary. This is what has made my Halloween weekend special.

The great part, these creepy programs also triggered something creative in my brain and I haven't been able to stop writing. Words pour onto the page. My two topics: one a drama/comedy while the other dark/twisted, are turning out to be a different style of writing that I am enjoying. Having writers block for awhile, this is a very refreshing feeling to have ideas and words flowing onto the page.

So, my advice to everyone this Halloween weekend: have fun, be safe, try something new that you don't always try, and who knows what might inspire you. Happy Haunting.

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