Sunday, September 16, 2012

Writing Time Wars

No, this isn't a challenge to other writers to hit certain word counts, sorry if I got you excited. Although, our own Ready! Set! Right! Conference (see the 2012 Conference tab above) is right around the corner, along with NaNoWriMo.

Rather, I mean the battle for my available time, and the current violence across the globe. It's Fall. I need to pull out out my summer garden and put the beds to rest for the winter. I also need to can the last of the harvest, clean off the funnel spider webs that pepper my doorway (for the upteenth time this summer!), clean out the garage so I can move the lawn tractor in for winter, and loads of other tasks needing doing around the house.

You see, as I begin each new task on my list, The Scot pops up – he's an interesting character with exciting links to Hitler, WWII and what is going on at present – and starts feeding me tidbits about his story line and how that all ties into the fact that the world appears (to some at least) to be on the brink of World War III. And then all I can think about is grabbing my laptop, plopping down in my comfy chair and writing everything he is telling me. Alas, I still have to pull up those plants while it is daylight and can the remaining harvest before it all rots. I can only hope I can remember what he told me the next time I see my keyboard.

Then there's my other character Merie, who - as one of The Chosen - is intimately linked to the planet, telling me I really need to get the outdoor tasks taken care of as we are going to have an early and hard winter. Her unspoken hint being that I should have plenty of time to write after the snow starts and I really need to tackle the growing list of to-do's.

My Etsy shop also calls; it's pathetically poor item count reflecting equally slow sales and the nudging need to update my shop by adding new items, and reminding me that Halloween is quickly arriving, only to be shortly followed by Christmas.

I also have ROAR projects to finish, a conference decision to make and then plan for, and my regular day-job. If I could just win a big enough lotto to pay someone else to do my to-do list while I write, I might actually be able to get some things checked off the list.

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Patricia Kiyono said...

I hear you, lady! I've come to the conclusion that I just have too darned many hobbies and interests. But I can't decide which to give up, if any. Let me know if you discover the secret.