Thursday, September 13, 2012

We All Need Vacations

by Brynn Paulin
Sooooo... don't you love looking at other people's vacation photos, lol? After years and years, I finally took a real vacation -- a non-working vacation where my only focus was relaxing and spending time with my husband. I have to admit it was the most refreshing, wonderful time and I can't wait to do another. 

But what have I learned? Listen up, writers. I know how it is. We don't leave our jobs at the office. The writing and creating is always with us. We're always working, trying to fit in a few more words or meet one of the never ending deadlines before us (self-imposed or not). My time away reminded me that sometimes you need to completely leave it all behind. From time to time, we all need to forget the writing, the editing, the deadlines, the promoting and other business of writing. Sometimes, we need to just relax and find ourselves again.

Below are a few pics from my trip to Alaska. Enjoy!


Stephanie Michels said...

Great pictures and a a wonderful picture of a wonderful couple.


Patricia Kiyono said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had fun.

Tess Grant said...

It looks great! So glad you got away and enjoyed yourself.

Kelsey St. James said...

Love the pictures! I totally want to do an Alaskan cruise. I'm booking my next Bahama's cruise next week... squee! :)

So glad you had fun!