Friday, September 28, 2012

The Power of a Computer


I've always thought the best way to write is with paper and pencil. I can't explain it. Sitting down in the evening with a little background music playing, taking a moment to enjoy the peaceful evening- maybe even stepping outside to look at the stars for a moment, and then grabbing a cup of hot coco (or coffee) is always the perfect writing setting.

Inspiration comes from daily activities, random ideas, books, movies, newspapers, and even magazines.

Once a writing topic has been decided, the rest of the evening will be filled with magic and a new world to enjoy- your creative writing world will come to life. Words flow onto the page. Steam pours out of your fingers and onto the paper as the words continue to flood page upon page. Ideas continue to develop. And by the time you choose to stop writing for the evening, there is a story that will show the progress made.

Whether you choose to edit the story the same evening (or I recommend as early as the following evening) it is time to share a little bit of your writing with the world. In this case, my writing was supposed to be for my blog.

Being a fast typer, I planned to copy the story I had onto the computer. It would only take a minute. Until you realize the power of the computer. It was late in the evening that I realized the power cord no longer works. The computer will no longer charge. The frustration to share my writing, as it is my day to post, is impossible. The computer battery is dead. And as much as I love writing on paper and pen, sharing the story is impossible if the computer doesn't work. Had I worked on the computer earlier I would have known it wasn't properly working. What to do? ARG!!! A trip to Batteries Plus this weekend will be a good start. And if that doesn't work, a computer technician is another great source to utilize.

But until then, I've raced to the nearest computer to attempt to post a blog that is fitting for the situation.

Happy Writing!
And much luck with a properly working computer. :)


Anonymous said...

Computers... love them and hate them. But at least you have a story written down.

J.C. Hanks said...

Jenn, laptop? Double check that the power cord that goes to the power "brick" is plugged in tightly, sometimes a reseat will take care of that. Also, you can remove the battery, plug in the power cord and should be able to boot just fine. Sorry I didn't catch this in time. Guess I should give you my cell so next time tech challenges you you have a techie to call. :)