Friday, August 17, 2012

Move - or leave your rut to be more creative

Until about a month ago, my world was a small one - go to work, come home, eat out once (or twice) a week, go to the GRRWG meeting once a month.  I didn't move in a wide circle.
As most of you know, we sold (almost) everything and are on the last leg of our cross-country trip to Hawaii.  We're in California today and fly to Honolulu on Monday.
I've met a lot of people in the last week of driving.  Everyone either knows someone who's moved to Hawaii or they think we're crazy or brave.  It's a great conversation starter.
Expanding my world has kicked my imagination into overdrive.  These strangers have started a lot of "what if?" mental conversations.  For example:
* the guy who sold me cheese in Hannibal, MO, who had the brownest eyes ever.  Wow!  He was Joe Average, but those eyes told a story.
* an overheard conversation in a restroom in Arizona between a mom and her daughter (about 6-7 years old) discussing which animal is the most dangerous:
    Mom:  "Ratttlesnakes are pretty dangerous."
    Girl:  "Yes, they are, but bears are scary, too.  They'll eat your babies and bite your head off."
My mind whirled with why they were having this conversation in the first place.
* The plethora of foreigners in a California ghost town.  We were in the English speaking minority.  And I'm not talking Spanish speakers, which would be the conclusion you'd jump to given the region.  Most of the tourists were Italian.  Why?  Why would a busload of Italians journey to a deserted silver mine?
* The French couple in their two sons at Mesa Verde, CO cafe.  Again, why?
It's crazy, the things you overhear and what might spark a story.  If your writing is stagnating lately, I urge you to break out of your world and engage the quirkiness of strangers.  I guarantee it will turbo charge your imagination.
From on the road,


Patricia Kiyono said...

I'm sure you could spin a fanciful tale from any of the prompts you listed! I hope your trip has gone smoothly and that you get settled in to your new home soon. We're missing you already.

Kelsey St. James said...

This exactly why I love to travel! I love to people watch no matter where I am, but on vacation it seems even better. :)

Best of luck in Hawaii! I hope you'll continue to blog here so we can read about what you're up to! :)