Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, which conference will I go?

Normally I can decide on my options fairly quick, but I'm having conflicts over conferences. I normally attend a tech conference once a year in SLC. It's basically like summer Geek camp for adults. I haven't missed it for well over a decade. It's kind of like a vacation for me, as I get to catch up with friends from across the globe while I learn all sorts of new, cool IT geeky stuff.

Then there's the conference I've been wanting to attend for several years. It's just a few months away and one state south of me, so less costly to attend. It doesn't help that one of the writers I really like, and who's genre roughly fits my Jess Barker series, will be there.

And finally, there's my Bubba truck awaiting a well deserved repair that will cost about the same as going to my tech conference. All three options are pulling at my bank account which only has enough flexibilty to cover one of the three options.

So, do I put Bubba up for the winter in a cocoon and make him wait so I can go to either conference? But, then which conference do I hit? I could really get a lot out of the Sisters-in-Crime conference, and I'd get to "writer stalk" one of my favorite authors, but then I'd miss out on seeing all my friends. (Trust me the cookies will get shipped out there either way!)

Of course we do have our group conference coming up in November which is totally do-able budget-wise, but it's kind of hard to “stalk” fellow writers that I already get to see once a month. Although, Andrea is blast to hang out with, it's just not the same as following a writer I haven't met yet like a puppy.

Guess it may be time to get out a dart board and start tossing darts, unless one of my fellow members may be running down to Cleveland to the Sisters-in-Crime conference. At least I have another month or so to make up my mind, but still...what to do?

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Patricia Kiyono said...

I don't know about the tech conference, but there are usually people around who attend Sisters in Crime. Why don't you put a question out to the loop asking if anyone else is going? I can't help with Bubba. He might have to wait, especially if you have another way of getting around. Or you might need to take in some more freelancing! There's always a way...