Friday, July 20, 2012

Bonjour, Paris!

If I've done this right, this post will appear while I am seeing the sights in Paris, France. According to the hotel's website I'll have wifi in the room so I should be able to get online, but just in case I encounter problems I decided to write this ahead of time and pre-post it. Isn't technology wonderful?
So why am I in Paris? Quite simply, it's because I've never been here before. I love to travel and I've gone to many places around the world, but this is one city that's never been on my itinerary. And there is a lot to see here. So when my good friend and fellow author Ginny told me I could tag along with her high school tour, I signed up.
I suppose I could look into making this a working trip by saying I'm doing research for a future novel. I could say I'm writing a book about a musician who's studying in France and meets a Parisian artist. I need to taste the foods that they nibble on while they learn about each other. I need to see the streets where the musician sets up to play for the coins people toss and where the couple strolls hand-in-hand while they fall in love.
Well, I suppose all that might be true, but the truth is, I'm going for me. It's on my bucket list, and the opportunity is here, so I'm taking it. And if I get a story out of it, great. If nothing else, I'll have some great pictures to put in my scrapbook, and some wonderful memories. And maybe I'll have something to blog about on August 1, when I'll be back!

                                               Patty Kiyono

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