Tuesday, June 12, 2012

News Gallore!

So lemme nut-shell it for you. I have a book coming out tomorrow and I just became an app!

If you want to know what I'm up to, my books, my links, where I can be found and whatever news there is to share, YOU CAN NOW FIND ME IN AN APP! Just go to the app store on you iPhone or Android and search either Katie Blu or Mia Watts and you'll see my little red "naughty" book. I just got it approved by the iTunes folks so I'm still updating it with titles and all, but please do download the app. It's FREE!

Also I have a book out tomorrow. It's called By the Balls. Here's the blurbage:
Detective Trick Montgomery is pissed. After three years of intensive undercover work within a mob syndicate, some chump-changed baby-Fed’s promotion requires that he break cover. Why? Because they need information, and the kid needs to prove his worth by bringing in a wise-guy, even if Trick isn’t actually a mobster. So it only makes sense that he’d do a little recon to find out what’s what. A clutch of Feds at a bar, a back-hall fuck for information, what harm would it cause, right?

Wrong, because Murphy’s law is twisted like that. His back-hall fuck, one Agent Nathan Rohn, turns out to be the one all his problems are pinned on. Except now Trick has a new one to add: he wants to go another round with the sexy suit, yet one look into those big brown eyes and Trick just might lose his heart. He knows what he wants, but the choices aren’t always his. So, fend for himself or fuck a Fed? Either choice has him by the balls.

Then, before my next round of blogging here at GRRWG, I have another release with this sexy-hot cover about some bad boy Navy SEALs. Here's that blurbage for Water Dogs:

What happens in the desert stays in the desert…
Or does it? On tour in Iraq with other SEALs teams, Lieutenenat John Tucker from the Skins holds a tenuous line of defense with Lieutenant Commander Alex Jackson of the Water Dogs. With four days wait until the Army shows up, and the pock-fire of insurgents ever-present, fight or flight urges are put to the extreme. So when Tucker shocks the LC by making a play for him, and he reluctantly gives in, it’s not like Ajax is going to have to face the fire when he returns home.

Except the mutual devastation of the SEALs teams prompts the military to combine them. Now Tucker is serving under Ajax in a brand new way, and the desert isn’t keeping the secret.

So basically, I got a lot going on and I'm thrilled to share! Check it out!

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Bronwyn Green said...

Congrats on the new and upcoming releases and on being phone sized! ;)