Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Cover Art

By Suzanne Graham

I love celebrating upcoming releases by getting new cover art, especially a cover with a great picture like this one.

BELLA'S THREE BODYGUARDS is Book Two in the Profortuna series, 
and will be available June 27
is currently the #6 Bestseller at All Romance Ebooks!

Bella's Blurb:

Due to Bella's exceptional intellectual capabilities in mathematics, the Council of Profortuna matched her with the three highest scoring IQs in her Quadrant to perpetuate her genes. The men were incredibly smart and equally dull. Bella had datapad apps that gave her more pleasure. In five years, she hadn't developed anything more than a general fondness for the men she privately referred to as Dweeb One, Two and Three.

When the Open Air Society attacks the scientific center of First Quadrant, killing Bella’s mates, three members of Fourth Quadrant’s special security forces take Bella into protective custody. As her bodyguards work a rotating schedule, she explores her physical attraction to each of them. Defying the Council’s ban against unauthorized relationships isn’t Bella’s only act of disobedience. When she learns the motives behind the Open Air Society’s rebellion, she resolves to join the freedom movement, with or without her three bodyguards.


Joselyn Vaughn said...

Congratulations on your new book. Hope it does as well as the others!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joselyn!

I'm excited to have Book Two of the series coming out so soon after Book One.

Bronwyn Green said...

Nice cover! I'm betting this series is going to do really well for you. :)