Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Valley Girls in the Hood -- Sidney's Further Misadventures in Dating

Well that's what the movie version of this ordeal would be called.

Chuck--that's not his real name, of course--was a real piece of work. You think after my last experience with Yahoo, I would have just given up. Chuck again looked good on paper, and he had a decent profile picture. I invited Chuck over to my apartment where he saw my various piles of computer parts (I worked as a computer tech back then) and grabbed one of my hard drives off my desk.

"Western Digital, He said, picking up the disk. "I work for them building hard drives."

I look down at the hard drive where it reads, Made in Malaysia. "Wow, that's a long commute."

"No, their factory is only twenty minutes from here." That should have been my first inkling that something was off with this guy.

"Since when is Malaysia in Michigan?"

Finally he admitted he worked in a factory making doors of some sort. And then there was the issue with the odor that emanated from him. I was way too understanding back then, I suppose.We went bowling, ate some burgers and had a pretty decent time. And he paid for his own food and entertainment, so bonus there.

The next day Chuck calls and asks if I want to hang out with him and his friend. Bonus, my best friend happened to be at my apartment, so I decided we could double date. We drive out to meet Chuck and Bob (again, not his real name) at their house--which happens to be in a rather rough part of town. For some unknown--and utterly stupid reason--my friend and I decided we'd leave her car at their place and take Bob's car to go and hang out. Chuck drives for what reason my mind has since blocked out.  We went to lunch and decided to go to the movies.

It was now that Chuck decides to tell us all he has no money. Bob flips out on him about it. I decide to pay for it so everything calms down. I go buy the ticket and popcorn and snacks. When my friend and I come back Chuck is no where to be seen. Neither is  Bob's car. Bob is cursing and fuming, saying words I wouldn't dare repeat on this blog. It's safe to assume now that not only is Chuck a few fries short of a value meal, but Bob has his own serious control issues as well.

WTF! Was I such a lousy date that Chuck had to steal his friend's car to leave? Seriously?

Anyhow, My friend, Bob and I were stranded at the movie theater with no way to leave. Thankfully the theater refunded our tickets, but still! HE STOLE HIS FRIEND'S CAR!! Not only that, some things my friend bought were in that car. Cops were called, and reports were filed. It was not pleasant. 

After a few hours of calling Chuck with no answer on his cell or home phone, Bob  manages to get a hold of another friend who arrives in a pickup truck with a stick shift. Bob isn't a small guy, and my friend and I weren't small girls. It was not a pleasant ride back. Getting jabbed in the leg with a shifter will do that.

We arrive back at Chuck and Bob's place where we see Bob's car peacefully parked. I was pretty upset. My friend wasn't far behind me. But Bob, we could hear him screaming and hollering like a raging bull at Chuck--who left because he didn't have money for tickets (even though I'd already told him I'd pay). "Those nice ladies won't ever seen us again, and it's all your fault," he yelled.

My friend got her bags from Bob's car. We quickly got in her car and sped off--the sooner we got away from that flagrant display of crazy, the better.

And Bob was right. We never saw them again. 


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