Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Fling Has Flung

by Andrea Dickinson

Chicago-North's RWA chapter lived up to all expectations and delivered another thoroughly satisfying Spring Fling conference. The workshops provided a great mix of craft, business, inspiration and entertainment. The author headliners (Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Simone Elkeles, and Dianne Love) were fantastic, and the opportunities to network with authors, editors and agents were plentiful.

One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting my idol, Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Susan writes amazing contemporary romances with richly detailed characters and lots of humor.

Equally thrilling was participating in my first book signing.

The only thing that makes me sad about this conference is that it's held every other year. Now, I have to wait two whole years to go back. :(

For more Spring Fling pics, visit my website.

Baltimore Heat now available
from Resplendence Publishing.

At the end of a busy workweek, young businesswoman Raquel Walsh merely wants to shorten the distance between her and the train station while she searches for a taxi. She never expects to find herself lost in a rough Baltimore neighborhood, the victim of a mugging and the unexpected houseguest of the grandmother of a retired, professional basketball player.

Marcus Jones isn't in the market for a new woman as he nears the end of his self-imposed year of celibacy after his vicious breakup with last gold-digging girlfriend. Having to play host to a homeless woman for the weekend is messing with his plans, as Raquel distracts him with her curvy, womanly figure and her tendency to land on her face.


Stephanie Michels, author said...

Glad you had a great time, Andrea!

Thanks for sharing the photos and your excerpt, too.


Patricia Kiyono said...

It certainly was a fun weekend! Sounds like you're having a lot of success with your new release. Congrats!

Joselyn Vaughn said...

Your pictures are great. I would be so excited to meet Susan Elizabeth Philips. I read one of hers recently and loved it.

Still love the cover of Baltimore Heat. It's great.

Simone Anderson said...

Glad you had fun! Sounds like a good time all the way around!

Davinder Singh said...

What really gets flung at a fling is lots of money – laid down by weary, well-intended parents in the hopes that the kids will have a good time.

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