Wednesday, May 2, 2012


At the risk of sounding like that wonderful old curmudgeon, Andy Rooney, I'm about to air my latest pet peeve and with far less charm and wit as Andy.

I'm so annoyed with the number of intrusions into my life mostly by strangers who think they have the right to trod right into my time and thoughts from the throw away junk mail we get to the telephone solicitors and now even to the fact that someone got the right to sell my cell phone number to these people so I get to pay for having them call when I didn't want them to call me in the first place! Whew! Got that off my chest and all in one sentence. Okay, so it wasn't good writing and I didn't really get the peeve off my chest as much as I wanted.

I especially hate the stranger on the phone who wants to know how I am? Like I'm going to tell him, I have a boil on my ass and I'm constipated. Maybe I should go into a litany of my health problems. My sugar is up, my vitamin D is down and my lumbago is acting up. I went to the doctor and --- yada, yada, yada. Would the word get out. Don't call this number, that old woman is crazy. Or maybe I should tell them my family history. My niece ran off with a tattoed, bald headed Hell's angel and she's expecting his baby in three weeks. I'm afraid she'll have it on the back of his motorcycle. My cousin, Louise, shot her husband dead because she thought he was a burglar or so she said and as soon as she collected his insurance money ran off with her insurance agent. I don't know, maybe it would work, but if they call me on my cell phone I have to pay for such concoctions.

Then there are the e-mails. Just to get to this place to write my blog, I had a pop up that asked if I wanted to list my mobile phone because something unpleasant would happen without their having it. The button to decline was small and hidden under the blaring, brightly color button to accept. When I declined, I was given another page that asked if I was sure I wanted to decline. That annoyed me!! If I managed to hit that tiny decline button once already, it should seem obvious that I don't want to give out any more personal information about myself. And there was no room for me to complain and annoy them with my health problems. We seem to be losing ground in our personal rights when it comes to the communication media. Even at the movie theater where I've paid to see a movie on a big screen with no commercial breaks, they still shove in their ads.

Then with the elections coming up, the problem seems to double. I don't mind getting calls from my own party, but when the opposing party calls, I'm greatly annoyed. What makes them think I want to listen to one of the politicians tell me what's wrong with the candidate of my party? I didn't invite them to call them with their opinion and I don't believe them anyway. If I wanted to know their opinion I'd listen to CNN.

It's all gotten crazy and so out of hand and we have no say about it. What's happened to our world? Our privacy is invaded, our rights ignored. Courtesy has become an archaic word. Fairness is a word everyone is quick to use and slow to practise. Honesty! I'm not sure a lot of people even know what that stands for anymore. Well, I'm going overboard. I just wanted to rant a little about unwanted intrusions in our lives and I managed to cover only a few on that subject. How does this relate to writing? I'm sure I will regurgitate my annoyances and they'll be revealed in my next chapter!

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