Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Chicks and a Bottle of Mead

GRRWG, I love you, but I had to unattend your last meeting.  Twice a year or so, Mary and I spend a day or a weekend writing, and Saturday, your meeting overlapped our “Two Chicks and a Bottle of Mead” writing retreat.  To show you we didn’t blow you off, my 48 hour word count was 9300.

9300!  That’ astoundingly crazy because of two reasons:
     a.  I’d hit a brick wall in my two WIPs.  They were D.O.A.  The Oompa Loompa Zombies and the Star Princess and Star Reporter were on the way to that great manuscript graveyard in the sky.
     b.  I’ve never, ever smoked on a keyboard so hot, even during NaNo.  My all time high is around 6K (thank you Gerber House).

“So, how did you do it?” you ask.  Was it no housework (you must not know my super-charged husband) or no T.V. (we COULD NOT get in the Redwings game) or no internet (which did help).

No, curious GRRWGers (GRRWGians?), we decided we would write for FUN.  Remember what that’s like?  A long time ago, I wrote for fun.  Over the top.  Outrageous, unique and ballsy.  Lately, I’ve placed too much emphasis on structure and word count and (horrors!) plot and all the boring stuff that sucks at creativity.  I realized after thirteen years or writing, over a dozen manuscripts and untold conferences, workshops, and reference books, that I KNOW THIS STUFF.  It’s instinctive now, but I was getting in the way of my own talent.

Friday, we left the classroom behind and ran outside to the playground.  We gave our characters a bubble wand, water balloons and a cardboard box and let them laugh and play and put on a show. 

I wrote 9300 freaking words!  In the process, I discovered Archer’s sense of humor, Cåe’s curiosity, David’s reticence and Zealand’s sensuality.  I wrote a fast paced, breezy story and found my groove again.

Sorry again, GRRWG (and Patty).  No insult intended.  It was all in good fun.


Joselyn Vaughn said...

This sounds so fabulous! Time to write unbridled. I'm glad it was so productive.

WS Gager said...

I'm so jealous. I think you hit the nail on my writing problem. It is so much like pulling teeth. I need to not worry about word counts and just let it rip. Thanks Cheryl!
W.S. Gager on Writing

Jennifer Armintrout said...

It's too bad you missed Patty's presentation, though, because it was pretty awesome!