Monday, April 16, 2012

Character's Sibling Rivalry

Ever since Easter one of my main characters has been arguing with her older half brother. Normally, this wouldn't be funny, but in the case of Jesus and Merie it is.  That's because Jesus, is Jesus as in "The Saviour" and Merie is one of God's "Chosen".

It all started because she called him a "metrosexual, attention seeking, drama queen", to which he replied (amid a sputtering hissy fit) with "You are such a brat!". It continues on into a growing argument about his second coming plans, her time crunch on a special assignment from God, and the fact that she cannot (and will not) help him with his big re-appearance.

All of this makes me laugh, and wonder what will come next from these two siblings. Merie is one of my favorite characters to work on, she's funny, totally in love with her creator, and has an amazingly understanding son-in-law. Having Jesus as a half-brother is just icing on the cake.

I love my irreverant and sometimes bossy characters. They always surprise me, sometimes to the point of tears, sometimes to laughter, and keep my writing flowing. This recent bout of sibling rivarly has all of my other characters sniping from the sidelines, laughing and encouraging the argument, all while feeding me additional story lines for their books.

The only problem with this sibling rivalry is I have so much to write and far too little time.

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Patricia Kiyono said...

Isn't it surprising what your characters decide to do? And I agree - there's never enough time to get it all down!