Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winter NaNo: It's Crunch Time!

We are in the middle of week three of Winter NaNo! If you accepted the challenge to write thirty-two thousand words in four weeks, that breaks down to 1143 words per day. Since I have to have a visual to keep myself on track, I keep a calendar on the desktop of my laptop. Each day is marked with the total number of words I need to have written by the end of the day.  So yesterday I needed to have 21,717 words, and by the time I closed my Scrivener program, my manuscript had 21,792. I am on track!
Going into the challenge, I thought I was prepared. I had my characters fleshed out and knew their internal and external conflicts. I had planned my major plot points, and knew how I wanted them to meet. So on February 10, I started writing. And for a week or so I kept writing. I'm not a linear writer. Sometimes I get tired of where I am and skip to the end. Or I get inspired to write the Black Moment, when they main characters fear "all is lost." So I just skip to that part and write away. Later on, when the words are all there, I can go back and adjust. I'll probably find there are all sorts of plot holes and inconsistencies. And if I don't find them, my critique partners and/or my proofreaders will find them.
So with a little over a week to go, I think I'm doing well. I have the "meat and bones" of a new story here. Next week Saturday, I'll look back and start editing, and hopefully I'll have something I can start grooming, and eventually submit!
There was a roomful of people accepting the Winter NaNo challenge, and several who opted to join from remote locations. How are your projects coming?

 Patty Kiyono

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Tess Grant said...

I don't NaNo, but you sound like you're doing great! I also write the way you do...whatever part strikes me that day is what gets written. Sometimes that works great, sometimes not. :)