Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring is Coming

Okay, so no one wants to read a blog about the weather, but there's always something about this time of the year, when we get teasing glimpses of what's coming. Yeah, we still get snow storms, but it melts right away and our lake is going out, a sure sign of spring. I love spring. That's enough about the weather.

Since I just finished a book yesterday and got it off to my editor and I'm officially brain dead, I'm having a hard time coming up with something meaningful to blog about. Then it occurred to me, My first hardback book from Resplendence Publishing has just come out. It a collection of the first three books under the Pirate Booty Series. It covers a female pirate who aspires to be a lady, a French bride who chooses a handsome pirate lover over an aging aristocratic and last, but not least about a female pirate who finds herself wed to an American Privateer who loves another woman.

This is only the first of my hardback books from Resplendence. Later in the year another trilogy will be published under the title From The Sea, about three Irish women whose lives are changed by three men of the sea. I've just finished the second book in my second pirate trilogy and they were great fun to write.

So as I watch spring approach, measuring its coming by the birds at the feeder outside my window, I feel a great anticipation when I can grub around in the dirt again and sit on the patio and watch the boats go by on the lake or take myself down to the swing right by the shoreline and plop down with a pillow and a book. All this may sound idyllic and it is, but always there's the nagging need to go get some work done or another page written toward my deadline, errands to run. So, though I look forward to those times, I almost enjoy this time more. This waiting time before the buds burst open, before the birds return and start building their nests, before the ice breaks up on the lake and sends its tinkling message that another season has come. Right now a slight wind is moaning around the corner of the house, making me feel snug and cozy inside. My brain is coming alive again and I'm already thinking about the characters in my final pirate book. What great adventure is about to befall them? Spring is coming and I can tell, I'm about to give birth to that next great American novel!!

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Patricia Kiyono said...

Congratulations on the hardcover release! It's so great to hear about all your successes. You're working so hard and it's paying off! Yay, you!