Sunday, March 4, 2012

NaNo Countdown

Only five days left to finish 32K, so where do I stand?

Well, I was hoping to say that my word count improved each week, but when I just checked my numbers, I realized that wasn't quite true. In the first week, I cranked out 8305 words by writing 6 days. During the second week, I only had 3 writing days, but I managed to produce 5223 words. Week three started out strong, but the last two days were low, producing a weekly count of 7602.

So with one week left to go, I have finished 21130 words with only 10870 words left to go. Writing 2174 a day for 5 days will have me completing the challenge. As long as I am able to maintain consistency with my output, I should be able to finish on time. Yay!

Sorry this wasn't more exciting...gotta save the good stuff for NaNo!!! :D


Patricia Kiyono said...

You can do it, Andrea! Send the kiddos off to school, turn off the internet and write!

Tess Grant said...

Go, go, go!

WS Gager said...

I am at about the same place you are. Have to buckle down this week!
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