Friday, March 30, 2012

The Hunger Games--I'm Still Starving

Posted for Lori Lapekes:

This isn’t meant to be a book or movie review.... at this point, I haven’t even seen the “Hunger Games” Movie. I admit to just finishing the second book in the series, though. And I love it when an author breaks out like this, especially a female author. For some reason, it seems women writers get much less respect. The authors of Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games are all female, and that makes me happy!

I’m not as happy though, when I think deeply about the content of “The Hunger Games.” The novel is easy to read, fast paced, intriguing. But when I think of the barbaric plot of the story, especially in the first book----taking starving teenagers and tossing them in a huge arena to try and kill each other in any fashion they can, it gives me the creeps. Most everyone thinks this is so interesting, and powerful, and it kind of is. Yet it is also desensitizing. The book is disturbing on many levels. I know, it is just entertainment...but in the big picture, I think violence in movies and books can add an uneasy twitch to a person’s psyche. Many times, when I put the book down, I felt, well, kind of icky inside. Disturbed. And that was probably the point. But too many people out there have been indiscreetly “twitched” for so long that it scares me. I believe it’s lowering the level of emotion of where people just “crack” and do horrific things themselves. Especially young people.

Still, I’ll go back, put on my rose-colored glasses, finish reading all the books, and try not to remain disturbed for too long. I’ll just hide under the covers and hope my name is never drawn for something horrible as I quietly starve for books that make me feel a little better about the future and mankind.

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