Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finding Time > Making Time

I have a hard time doing nothing. I can’t watch TV without knitting or sewing or writing (sometimes it’s pretending to write, but I feel somewhat productive.)

So when people ask me how I find time to write, I’m not sure how to answer. What else would I do with the five minutes a day when the kids are all playing nicely and no one has peed their pants or has to go to the potty? Or they are all quietly sleeping and I’m too tired to plant flowers or pull weeds or vacuum or wash the dishes (who am I kidding, I never want to do those things.)?

Perhaps, it’s not so much about finding time to write, it’s about making time to write. It’s something I want—sometimes have—to do, so I make time for it. The dishes can wait until tomorrow, so I can work on a chapter tonight. I choose to have a babysitter one afternoon a week so that I can meet with my critique group. (So far, I have paid my babysitter more than I have made on my books, but the two hours of conversation that doesn’t involve encouraging someone to poop is saves my sanity some weeks.)

If you want to write, time to do it won’t magically appear in your schedule. Believe me, I wish Outlook could find a way to do that. You have to decide how important writing is and what you are willing to shuffle to make time.


Patricia Kiyono said...

Well put, Joselyn! We all find the time for the things we feel are important. Of course you're a real inspiration, getting your books published while raising three pre-schoolers. But as you said, the dishes can wait. Your fans are eagerly waiting for your next book!

Joselyn Vaughn said...

thanks, Patty!

Tess Grant said...

I agree, Joselyn! Now I just have to take that final step toward MAKING (not finding) the time.