Friday, March 16, 2012

Characters and Country Dancing

I'm so excited! Tonight I get to go dancing with one of my fellow writers. We've been talking about it forever, and we're finally going the Friday before St. Patrick's day. And as luck would have it, a new country bar is right down the street from one of my favorite places to eat.

So, you're probably wondering what this has to do with characters? Well, Jess, the first one to wander into my head, is a huge country music fan and one of her good friends owns a mixed-crowd country bar. If it is possible, she is more excited than me about my going out on the town. Probably because she can't wait to laugh if I attempt to line dance with a bunch of strangers. Usually when I'm out dancing my BFF Carlos is with me. He's an awesome Salsa dancer and is easy enough for me to follow.

Jess has been busy since we confirmed the dancing date, picking out new cases to work on, outlining what will happen over the next books in the series – we are now up to 5 books from 3 – and giving me more ideas than I can get down at this point. Yes, Jess pretty much writes the books. She tells me what's going to happen and I just try to get it down.

In addition to the dancing, I put the first book of Jess' series into it's first competition. That helped jump start her eagerness to get more work done. She's pretty sure we'll get a positive feedback and very happy I finished up a freelance project I took on during my recent stint with unemployment, I'll just be happy to get anything back from the competition that doesn't say “stick to writing business documents”.

For my characters it really doesn't matter what anyone else says, they'll still keep me writing, and I'll still have to write just to be able to get my normal work done, but it will be nice to have some more feedback. Even if it is rough, because at least then I'll have a starting point.

As for me, if you catch me laughing hysterically on a dance floor, it could be that I can't quite get the steps or, more than likely, Jess is teasing me about having two left feet. Either way, I'll be having fun!

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Patricia Kiyono said...

Great post, JC! I love how your characters talk to you. Good luck on your contest entry, and keep up the great mindset - feedback, whether it's good or bad, helps you refine your craft. Keep writing!