Friday, February 10, 2012

Building the Writing Muscle

by Suzanne Graham

When I haven't been writing for a while, my writing muscle gets weak and flabby. (A lot like my abs.) After an extended period of non-productivity, I sit down at my keyboard and struggle to get the words out. My under-used writing muscle screams for a break. "Really," it says, "I'll perform much better with another cup of tea. Or better yet, do you have any chocolate in the house?"

Those first few days (or weeks) of getting back into writing shape are painful and seem to produce such little results - just a fraction of the word count that I can produce when my writing muscle is strong and in shape.

My goal this year as a writer is to produce more than I did in 2011, and I was off to a good start in January...until I got bronchitis. But then I got back on track with my writing the following week...and then I got the flu. Then it was several large home improvement projects before our annual Super Bowl party.

Now, here it is February 10, and I feel like I'm back to my flabby writing self. But the good news is that my writing muscle is the easiest muscle for me to improve and see changes quickly. (My abs certainly don't show me results as fast...if ever.) The words accumulate on the page, even if it's only 500 a day.

So today, I am blessed with good health and a newly improved house, and nothing on my schedule to interrupt my writing workout.

Time to go lift those weights!


Patricia Kiyono said...

You go, girl! Your recent sale should be encouragement for you to jump back into it. And having a small daily goal is a great idea.

Tess Grant said...

I hear you! And the flabbier that muscle gets for me, the more stressed I feel. Time to put some work in.