Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why I Don't Bake...

The picture pretty much says it all. 

Those are supposed to be scones. They aren't months old, found hidden in some warm, moist, long-forgotten drawer. I made them this afternoon. 

I had an issue with the blueberries. They may have been shoved in the back corner of my freezer for much longer than they should have. So when I mixed them in, the berries turned the whole batter purple, which after baking created this wonderful moldy-looking confection. 

My son says he doesn't like green muffins. I'm not sure I find them appetizing either. 


Patricia Kiyono said...

Funny! You'll have to work this into your next story.

Sandy Nachlinger said...

I won't say what I think this looks like .... Blueberries can be tricky if you're not gentle with folding them into the batter. I ordered oatmeal for breakfast at a local restaurant recently and asked for blueberries as an add-in. You guessed it -- I ended up with purple oatmeal! I closed my eyes and ate it anyhow. Delicious but not something I'd want to take a picture of.