Monday, January 2, 2012

What a Year Brings!
So here we are on January 2nd, our second day into the new year and it's my birthday as well, so surely a time to contemplate what the last year brought and what the new year might bring. First off, I sold a bunch of e-books which made everything feel better! Our writer's group had a successful writer's conference which was great. We'd talked about doing it for several years from the time of our first forming, but had somehow always decided the time wasn't right. Finally, some enterprising gals took courage in hand and went at it with focus and determination. They were unbeatable. I was very impressed by their efforts and the final results. Altogether a fun year with strong women that I've grown to love and admire. Plus there was a lot of success in our writer's group which inspires you in your own efforts.
On a more personal level, I got new knees which took away a lot of pain and makes life better. I've enjoyed my family more than ever and I think life is wonderful. Oh yes, did I mention I'm a bit of a Pollyanna, better than being a grumpy ass.
My goals and expectations for the coming year are to get my books out in a timely fashion, to write better than I ever have and create some truly memorable characters. My second goal is to lose weight, damn it! My next goal is to bring about world peace and make sure every child has a loving home and food to eat. Though I say this lightly, I truly wish I could impact some of the misery in the world, especially to children who are the first to suffer in almost every instance.
I want to love my family more and be a good Samaritan, to clean all the clutter corners in my house and attic, to be more organized, less procrastinating and more thoughtful to friends and family. I want to curb my shopping fetish and spend more time on more meaningful pursuits. I want to become a better speller. I want to figure out what God put me on earth for and what He's waiting for me to do to fulfill my potential as a human being. I want to understand more of everything, to be less judgmental and more accepting of others and all their foibles. I want to protect everyone I love and even those I don't know. I want to be a super hero and have my house sparkling clean all the time. I want to grow more as a human being and I want to thank all those who are in my life and help me do that. I try hard not to be greedy, but I want God to give me gobs of years yet, so I can enjoy life for a long time. I guess I just want to thank God for the good life, good friends, wonderful family and in the end the promise of His salvation. It's going to be another great year, isn't it?

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