Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vanity or Self

After sending my 2 children's books to only 4 different publishers that accept solicited material, and getting rejected - I thought of trying to get an agent.  Because not very many children's book publishers will even look at any material without an agent.  So I took advantage of an opportunity to attend a Writer's Conference to meet an agent.  The agent had informed me that it is always better to have an agent to submit material to publishing companies, because the material goes directly to the person that makes the judgement instead of getting weeded out by interns.  The agent also said they would love to work with me, so I emailed per request TWICE and no feedback.  So I began to ponder the best solution to get my books published.  The first question was about whether or not I truly believe in my books, and would I enjoy reading them to my child.  HECK YES....   My only personal issue was my own personal drawings, I wasn't happy with them.  So if I'm not happy with them, then why in the heck should I expect anyone else to be.  Thinking of having someone that is a stranger draw pictures for my books bothered me a bit knowing my mother and sister are the artists in the family.  So I finally talked my mom into drawing the pictures, and I am absolutely happy with them.  The next step was to figure out if I should self-publish or use a vanity publisher.  Self-publishing takes alot of hard work and motivation.  After talking to a few authors that have done self-publishing, I began to wonder if it truly is the best option.  Self-publishing does not get much marketing without a publisher, but you do get to keep 100% of the profit.  It is actually a catch 22.

To Self-Publish you need to:

  • Set up a publishing company
  • Get ISBN numbers
  • Set up distribution
  • Get Edited
  • Figure out cover design, color, and picture quality
  • Printing of the book (print on demand) could be an option (ebooks)
  • Marketing
  • Copyright (optional)

Self-publish means that you have to do all of the work, unless you pay do get help.  To use a vanity publisher, there is a flat fee and a percentage of royalty for books that sell.  Grant it, it's a percentage, but it takes care of everything up front. 

To use a Vanity Publisher:

  • Get approval of books
  • Publisher does the marketing
  • You own rights to do what you please, and sell your book whereever you want
  • Editing is included
  • Cover design, color, and picture quality is included
  • Have publisher name on books the help sell for first time authors
  • Copyright included
After some research, and even reading the book by Richard Paul Evans "The Miracle of The Christmas Box" I realized that it is very difficult to get your book into stores to sell if nobody knows who you are.  Which makes perfect sense.  Stores are more willing to sell a nobody's book with a publishers name rather than no publishers name at all.  So I came to the conclusion to use vanity publishing to have everything done for me through one place to get the extra marketing and publisher name
2 Moon Press has approved of my children's books and is in process of publishing them now.  My first book "Sammy and his Lucky Hat" should be ready to sell by February 2012.  This has also been a dream of mine for over 15 years, and I am finally doing something about it.  This is very exciting to see the beginning stages of my cover.  Woohoo......

Jamie Chester
Sammy the Frog


Chris said...

Congrats Jamie. I'm so happy for you. :-)

Sam Raymer said...

Sammy the Frog, the name!

Anonymous said...

About time...Congratulation!!

I want to buy your first book with your autograph and STUFF!! :)

Cornerstone Acres Farm said...

Congrats, Jamie. Someday I might just have to add it to my library. I'm very pround of you and I'll bet your DD will love for you to read the book to her!!

Andrea Dickinson said...

Congrats, Jamie! Good luck with your book!

lawomanmi said...

Jamie, For your 1st Blog, you nailed it....For someone like me with NO experience, very helpful.
Wanna Be Writer, L.A.

Anonymous said...

Jamie this is so awesome. I can't wait to buy a copy.
Danelle D