Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paint Job and a Contest!!!

Nearly there!

There's a corner of our family room that used to have a tall entertainment center bolted to the wall. When we got rid of our old TV and replaced it with a flat screen last year, we no longer had use for the old furniture. When my hubby removed the screws, it left large holes in the wall. It took several months - okay, it took nearly 10 months - for me to get around to spackling them.

Then I had to find the right paint on the basement shelves to match the family room walls. The trouble was the paint was 7 years old, and wasn't quite the same anymore, which was obvious after I painted over the spackle.

I took the can to Home Depot and they mixed up some new stuff based on the numbers on the sticker label on the lid. After applying several more coats to an increasingly large area, it was obvious the color was wrong - too orange.

Did I mention these are deep red walls that took 6 coats of paint originally to get the depth of color I wanted? The chances of matching this color is practically nil.

But I wasn't defeated yet. I went back to Home Depot and grabbed about 20 paint sample cards in deep red. The family voted for their match, and we bought a small sample jar.

I've applied 3...4? coats over the past few days, trying to replicate the layered textured look of the original color. It's getting closer, and in poor lighting it's barely noticeable. The trouble is that in daylight it's glaringly obvious where the line of demarcation is. After applying the last two coats, I've used a wet washcloth to try to smudge the line. It's sorta working.

If this room wasn't so big with so many cut-outs (cut-ins?), I would have just given the whole room a new coat of paint. But that was way more work than I was looking to do.

So in the meantime, I sit here and watch paint dry...and pray the color will match.

What about you? Any home improvement projects planned for the new year?

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