Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Toy...err, I mean, A New Tool

I'm entering my fifth year as a writer - whew, where has the time gone? - and I've decided to take a step up from relying solely on a word processor to create my works of fiction. A fellow member of this writing group started researching novel writing programs in December and was excited to show me what she found. It got me thinking of how I could really use something like that to create a Series Bible for the new set of books I want to start writing this year.

After poking around online myself, I decided to download the trial version of Scrivener. The demo version is good for 30 days, and those are actual days of usage, not 30 consecutive calendar days. It comes with a brilliantly written tutorial that I've been making my way through because if I'm going to spend my money on something like this, I want to know what all the features are and how I can best use them. It's a very flexible and easy to learn program, and I'm excited to import my material to start playing, err, working with it.

I've never been one to use note cards, but these virtual ones look like so much fun, don't they? The ability to split the screen in a huge variety of configurations is amazing. And the Research feature allows you to import pictures, video, audio files, and other files. Plus, they have a writing mode that blocks out everything else on your screen, other than the page you are writing on, and you can customize the background image.

So for me, the new year means a new writing toy...err tool, to bring better organization and a little of the fun back to my writing.

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Patricia Kiyono said...

I love using Scrivener. I've only seen one downside (when I export to Word), but it's entirely possible that it's my fault. I need to go back and watch that part of the tutorial. Have fun with your new toy-tool!