Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's the Year of the Dragon!

Water Dragon from

Growing up in Grand Rapids I was raised with Christian doctrines, so I didn't really learn much about the Chinese zodiac except what I read on Chinese restaurant menus. But as I met and became acquainted with my Japanese relatives I learned the twelve signs of their zodiac play a very important part in their everyday lives, and I started to investigate. I'm not sure I will ever totally buy into all the system, but it's fun to take a look and see what some people say will happen.
According to the Asian calendar, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. To be more specific, it's the year of the Water Dragon. Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac has an association with one of the earth elements - water, wood, fire, earth, and metal - so the year 2000 was the year of the Metal Dragon, 1988 was the Earth Dragon, 1976 was the Fire Dragon and 1964 was the Wood Dragon. The "New Year" actually begins on January 23 and ends on February 9, 2013. Having checked out a few sources it looks like this will be a great year for creativity - and that's a wonderful thing for people like teachers, musicians and authors. For people who spend time in all three fields, that's wonderful news!
While the western world views dragons as fearful, fire-breathing creatures, the Asian view of a dragon is more benevolent in its power. They are viewed as wise and intelligent. All are great attributes for those of us who write.
Elephant Journal had an interesting proclamation: "If you have an East facing door, sleep to the East or your home faces the East this will be a good year to meet a new lover and is also good for getting a book published." I'm not too eager to meet a new lover, but the book publishing deal sounds good. It might be worth turning my bed around.
Whatever your beliefs, whatever your motivation, here's a toast to you and your endeavors. May your accomplishments be many and your pitfalls few. May the fire in your dragon be filled with power and benevolence, and may your every need be filled.
Happy 2012!


Temple Hogan said...

Fantastic Post, Patty. It's fun to learn about other religions and customs! Thank you for sharing.

lawomanmi said...

Very Interesting Patty. I'm hoping one of the three works for me. I sleep on the East side of my home. Like the idea of a Lover. It's been way too long. I'd like to share my life with a special someone. The good & the bad. I'm looking forward to meeting more of GRRWG this month.

Stephanie Michels, author said...

Great article, Patty. Unfortunately, my door faces west and I sleep in the SW corner of the house. But my bedroom door faces East. Wonder if that means the option for a new lover is still open?

Lindsay said...

It is always interesting to read about other cultures. What makes it even more interesting I was born in 1948-The Year of the Rat. Wonder what that means for and about me
I have no idea in which direct my door faces.

Anonymous said...

Insights into other cultures has been a hobby of mine for a while. But there is something about the mystique of the Orient that fascinates me and always has.

S.G. Rogers said...

Fun stuff, Patricia!

Lisa Orchard said...

I was born a Dragon. So this is really good news for me!! :)