Saturday, January 7, 2012

Balancing Act - Life, Writing, and Responsibilities

It's the beginning of a new year, resolutions are being made, celebrations and decorations are winding down and nearly everyone hopes things will be better in 2012. I'm no exception, but the changing of the years can also bring time for reflection or sometimes it just the ball life throws at us at a point in time that causes the reflection.

I think on the Writer's Evolution Blog it lists me as a rookie - the newbie - I kind of like it, because it means that I'm still learning and there is a huge path ahead of me. Sometimes it's fun because no body really knows what you're going to do next, but sometimes it sucks.

2012 for me is about regaining balance in all facets of my life. This year starts with a promise to myself to set goals and to work towards my goals and to reduce the clutter - physical and emotional - in my life. Part of it starts with reclaiming my office and my life. Because I let it go chaotically haywire - even if I couldn't control what happened to me, I absolutely can control how I react and reacted - I have to work twice as hard to regain trust, to regain lost abilities and lost confidence - from myself and others.

Most of my non-writing goals for this year center around regaining my balance and relearning to be me. It'll be a hard journey, but it will absolutely be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are on the right track: good plan, great motivation. Go to it! :)

Anonymous said...

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