Thursday, December 15, 2011

Writing Challenge

by Tanya Eby

So it's the holidays and who isn't slammed with holiday planning, shopping, stressing out, and general angst? Or is that just me? That's why I'm going to pose a holiday challenge. (Wait for it.) Why now, you ask?

For me, especially when I'm really stressed out, writing can feel like slipping into a warm bath. It transports me somewhere else, lets me walk around in other people's lives. It takes me far away...and when I'm done, I emerge feeling fresh and clean. Yeah. Maybe I extended that simile a bit far. But you get what I mean.

So here is my holiday challenge to you. Write a short story about The Holiday Party. You can interpret this any way you want. It can be sweet, O'Henry style, or knock out naughty. Whatever you want. Make some time for yourself and slip into a new story. Try to have it done by New Year's.

I'll even give you an incentive. You write The Holiday Party, post it here or share it within the GRRWG group, and I will give you a $5 gift certificate to Amazon. That's right. FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS. That's enough to buy five cheap ebooks, or one expensive one.

That's the challenge.

And happy holidays.

Oh. Legal stuff....this is for members of GRRWG. At least the 5 dollar part. I can't give out 5 dollars to everyone out there because I'm a struggling writer myself.



Mia Watts said...

If I weren't up to my eyeballs in writing deadlines and constantly emerged in other people's lives, I'd so do this. LOL. It's a great idea. I hope you have a lot of takers.

T L Doezema said...

Fun idea!! I'm in! :)

Cheryl said...

Dude, I'm in.

WS Gager said...

Tanya: What a great idea. I would love to slip into someone else's party and just have fun. Will see if time allows. I'm a maybe!

Stephanie Michels, author said...

Sounds like the perfect holiday treat for myself! I'm in (although I have a hard time writing short stories).

Tanya Eby said...

Just remember to have fun! It doesn't even have to be good or very long. :)

J.C. Hanks said...

It's in my head, does anyone have a "brain-download-to-PC" jack I can borrow? ;)

J.C. Hanks said...

Mine's done! Yay!! Here's the link to it...