Friday, December 16, 2011

Strange Christmas

This Christmas has been a roller coaster. First, it's been crazy busy at my regular gig, I've been sewing like crazy for my etsy shop, we have our first real Christmas tree in a dozen years (make that 2 I feel in love with a 2' fat tree), I made my first official sale on my etsy site, and then, unexpectedly, we lost a dear friend to cancer.

It's hard to put my full emotions into words. She was my husband's "work wife" year's ago. An amazing woman who overcame lots of obstacles in her life (poverty, stuttering), she was wickedly brillant, a total sweetheart, and a fearless, tireless fighter. She'd been fighting for 7, 8 years now (honestly I've lost track) and the news of her passing came as a big shock. At the same time, having a Grandmother who went through cancer treatments for a big chunk of her adult life, it's a bit of a blessing that she's no longer in pain.

I discovered why she hadn't texted me back with answer to my question I'd posed about a week before. I found out why she hadn't when I learned of her passing. That sealed the decision. My character that needs the rename is really happy with my choice. And I know my friend is too. She'd read the first chunk of my book awhile back and had really like Molly (my character's old name). Other than the fact that Molly's a red-head, they're pretty close in other ways.

Both of them are fighters. Molly's in her 40's, as was my friend, and she loves life. She's also a bit of a Cougar, hooking up with younger men on a routine basis. But she's fun, strong, brilliantly smart, wickedly funny, and fights for what is right.  I think it's a pretty good match.

The interesting uptick to this is I've had a deluge of ideas for all of my book series. Now I just need to find more time to write, along with decorating the trees, finishing up baking, packing boxes to ship out West, and a frantic rush to wrap up my projects at work before I take some much needed vacation time.

Heck, I'd planned on getting this post written early this morning, but got waylaid with issues at a client site and am just now squeaking out the time to get this done. It just means I'll be baking cookies into the wee hours of the morning.


Patricia Kiyono said...

I'm so sorry for your friend's passing. Watching someone fight cancer is difficult. How nice that you're remembering her by naming your character for her.

I hope you find the time to relax and enjoy the holiday!

J.C. Hanks said...

Thanks! I've actually found a lot of peace with her passing. Amazing how that happens sometimes.