Friday, December 9, 2011

A Perfect Time for Remembrance

Today would have been my grandmother's 99th birthday, so I decided it would be a perfect time for remembrance--after all, the holidays have always been a time for family. Every Christmas Eve night was spent with my grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins. Gifts are given, food was eaten, and joy was spread. Heck, my cousins and I even tried putting together a Christmas play. Sadly, we were never able to pull it off. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Frederick Mathias Homrich and Katherine Mary Nickels were simple people, raised on the farm. My grandpa has regaled me with stories of milking cows and chasing chickens. I distinctly remember a story about a young boy (grandpa) going out and “helping” his dad by bopping chickens on the head. He apparently thought it would help them lay eggs. Unfortunately, it only helped by giving them concussions. OOPS! Hopefully they got dinner out of it instead.

Living during the depression, they learned the art of frugality. I remember when we would help grandma make cookies or cake, fully expecting to lick a spoon or bowl. My grandma was definitely a waste not want not kind of lady. By the time it came to lick the bowl, there was nothing left to lick. Trust me, I’m not complaining. I’m proud of my grandparents. Their frugality helped them survive tough times, including a devastating tornado that destroyed their home back in 1965.

I just want to thank my grandpa and my grandma for all the wonderful things they did for their grand-kids. I couldn’t imagine life as a kid (and as an adult) without them.

Love you Grandpa and Grandma! You will always be remembered.


lawomanmi said...

I enjoyed what you wrote about your G-parents. I had to adopt G-parents. So I asked the elderly neighbors that lived 2 doors down. She was the typical G-ma, round, wore an apron, baked & gave wonderful hugs. He was a conductor on the C&O railroad. They were my G-parents until the day they died. G-ma died last when I was twelve.
Hearing your wonderful memories brought back my memories of my G-parents too.
Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year.

Patricia Kiyono said...

Great memories. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie Michels, author said...

A lovely remembrance!