Friday, December 30, 2011

On Author "Sigh-nings"

Posted for Lori Lapekes:

After my debut novel was published a year and a half ago, I had an author signing (my first!) in, of all places...Denver. A friend of mine who lives there organized it. I was on a panel with four reasonably well-known writers, and I was terrified! We all had to pass around a microphone, talk about and answer questions about our novels to a grand total of---(drum roll) perhaps thirty people. And that was with five authors present!

Although the experience was fun and educational, I think I sold a grand total of five books that day. I’ve since learned that is not unusual.

I read about one hopeful author who, at his much promoted first reading and signing, was dismayed to discover that only one fan showed up. Yet he decided that, by golly, a fan was a fan and he did his presentation as to a room full of people. Afterwards, the writer lavishly thanked that one fan for coming. Horrifyingly, the fan then lowered his eyes and admitted, “Well, actually... I’m the volunteer who was supposed to introduce you.”


Thank goodness humiliation can at least make a great story at the bar or family gatherings.

So now, after several months without a book signing of my own, I have another. An editor from a new Grand Rapids magazine called “Around Town” contacted me about my book for an article on local writers, and are coinciding it with a book-signing Saturday, January 14th at the Literary Life Bookstore on Wealthy St. Come one, come all! I plan on having fun, no matter the outcome. I love writing. I love bookstores, books, and all the lovely people who love them.

(Oh, and the signing of “For a Short Time” is from 2 -4 --if anyone would like to introduce me…)

Lori Lapekes

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Patricia Kiyono said...

Good luck with your signing! Too bad it's the same day and time as our GRRWG meeting, or any of us would be happy to introduce you! It's great that you're prepared to have fun, to matter what the outcome. It can be a lonely time if nobody's there.