Monday, December 19, 2011

Letting go..

I bought a magnet as a Christmas gift for a friend of mine. It's a very simple tile with a small flower that says "Let go" in teensy letters. She's been an amazing support in my life, reminding me to take good care of my self, encouraged me to get involved in meditation, and also happens to be a co-worker, so she "gets it." We have emotionally challenging jobs and in a lot of ways, I view her as a "war buddy" who's been in the trenches with me. You develop a special bond that's hard to explain to others.

I like how Christmas inadvertently has helped me reflect on the special people in my life and in this instance, I wasn't obsessing over "what do I get her" like I often do when it comes to gifts. Instead, it was a pleasant surprise to find it, think of her, and be reminded of what a good friend I have. It was also a nice reminder to "let go." As a recovering perfectionist, I've been working on letting go by giving up certain holiday activities, doing simpler gifts, fewer decorations, and being okay with sending out-of-state cards a bit late.

Keep it simple. That's my mantra in everyday life, but especially helpful lately. Part of letting go is about reducing, simplifying, foregoing, and so on, but it's also about not beating yourself up when you don't "do enough", when you make mistakes, or even when you do slip up and find yourself stressed out at Hobby Lobby over what color, texture, and size craft paper you're going to buy for a Christmas project. (Guilty party!)

It can be a challenge because as much as I want to do x, y, and z, and hate giving them up, if I simplify, I allow more room for, well, you guessed it, writing! I'm taking some time off of work over the holiday and planning on doing a little extra writing. (I can't wait!!)

Now back to my prioritizing and seeing what I can let go of during the home stretch of Christmas. What can you let go of this week?


Patricia Kiyono said...

Wow, that's a tough question. I tend to have grandiose plans, but they always end up being really simplified. I guess I'll have to "let go" of the idea that I'll ever be a Martha Stewart and accept that pizza and pop are every bit as good for a holiday family gathering as a four course meal. Getting together is what's important!

J.C. Hanks said...

I would love to be able to let go of work, but unfortunately Gremlins are on the loose. So instead, I'll be happy if the trees stay untrimmed, they do have their lights on already. :)