Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Blessings

It’s the holiday season. It is a time of giving, a time of enjoying family, and if you are religious a time of honoring Jesus’ birthday. The season where we decorate our homes with beautiful lights, put a Christmas tree with lights up in the house, fill the underneath part of the tree with presents to give to our loved ones, a time to enjoy family (along with a few occasional fights), especially the season where people like to attending church services, and it is also a time where we go out of our way to give to others to brighten there holiday season.

I am so proud of my co-workers. They selected a family that was in need of daily supplies along with Christmas presents needed for their children. As a whole, my co-workers were able to give food, clothes, basic house supplies, a Christmas tree with decorations, gifts for the children, and a few more things. When I passed by the table where all the presents were it was a beautiful sight. This family will have a brighter holiday season because of the items people were able to give.

It is the season to love and help others. Everywhere you look, it seems someone needs help. If we volunteer to cook a meal, sometimes give a few extra bucks, help with buying needed items, or do something small to make a difference, we share the spirit of giving. That in turn can be passed to the next person. And hopefully the spirit of giving continues not only through the holiday season but for the rest of the year.

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