Thursday, December 22, 2011

Green Family Traditions

We're a family full of holiday traditions. For instance, the tree goes up as soon as possible after Thanksgiving. It gives the cats more time to play in it.

The boys and I bake cookies on Christmas Eve. Even though they don't buy into the "Red Fat Man" anymore, they still want to bake cookies with me (and eat them!) and leave some out for Santa. I'm cool with that. I like baking with my kids. We'll also make our edible peanut butter and birdseed ornaments and hang them outside for the critters.

There are the special holiday decorations I love to get out every year. This is the hand print wreath banner I made with my kids many years ago (I had all of my daycare kids make one for their parents that year, too - best gift ever - directions at the end of the post) the Christmas castle my Grandma made for me, the holiday stockings I've cross stitched for everyone in my family. I'm making a new one for next year since my brother got married in March. Luckily, his wife knew exactly what she wanted so I'm hard at work on it. Hopefully, I get it done in time!

That's another tradition - handed down from my mom, and her mom before her - scrambling to finish making presents at the last minute. Yeah...that's how we roll around here. When we were little, we'd frequently get gifts of fabric or yarn from Mrs. Claus and a note saying how Mrs. C was too busy to finish our presents but that she knew our mom was handy and wouldn't mind helping out.

Of course, my favorite tradition is spending time with my family and friends. I have no idea how I got so lucky to be surrounded by these wonderful, amazing people, but I'm beyond grateful. I hope you're all able to enjoy the traditions you have and the people you share them with!

DIRECTIONS FOR HAND PRINT WREATH: This hand print wreath is the easiest project ever. Get a piece of muslin and some craft paints. Hem the fabric then paint your kids' hands and have them press their hands on the fabric to make a circle - overlapping is fine. Berries are made with paint-dipped fingertips. Tack on a bow, if you like. Attach ribbon tabs at the top and hang from a dowel or a branch. Easy peasy and people treasure them. My mom still hangs hers up every year, too.

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Patricia Kiyono said...

Love your traditions! They sound a lot like ours, although now we have the grandkids around doing things with me. But I REALLY love the "Mrs. C was too busy" excuse! I'll have to remember that one.