Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Building and Preparing for a New Year

Looking back at 2011: We had a blizzard at the beginning of the year. Japan suffered from a tsunami. There was an uprising spring of revolutions in the Middle East while Governments were overthrown. Earthquakes were devastating. The European debt crisis has been a hardship while Americans struggle to improve their own financial difficulties. But through the midst of turmoil, there have also been positives. People try to reach out to help others live healthier lives. William and Kate married this summer. Scientists believe they’ve found life on another planet. In small ways, there have been successes learning how to cure cancer. Secret Santas helped pay layaway bills, and many people were kind to give presents, food, money, and anything else needed to help their fellow neighbors. Together, we all survived the year. Through the negative there was positive, and we can be proud of the experiences we were part of in 2011.

As great as 2011 was, I especially look forward to the year 2012. A new year allows for new experiences, positive changes, and a brighter future. We have the opportunity to make anything we want become reality. For some people, they hope to find their way home to family and being true to themselves. Others seek a job to support families. Many people hope to shed a few extra pounds while other individuals strive to make their personal dreams come true. For several of my friends, they welcome their bundles of joy into their families and are blessed with wonderful marriages. They are grateful for careers, friends, family, and happiness. And most importantly, they are thankful to God each day for the wonderful life that has blessed each and every one of us with.

Without God, we would be nothing. With God, we are everything. For this coming year, I strive for a few self-improvement goals. I am also thankful for the wonderful people in my life, and I hope to give back to those in need. Whether we reach out to neighbors by showing love, dedicating time, donating money, or helping in any small way; I hope this year is dedicated to working as a community, helping one another make our world a safer better place, and a world where we honor God and allow His light to shine not only on us but through us for the betterment of everyone striving towards a better world as well as a better year.

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Patricia Kiyono said...

With your positive attitude, 2012 will definitely be a great year. Keep looking for new opportunities while sticking to your principles. Happy New Year!