Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Couldn't Have Done it Without...

Our illustrious president wrote a thank you to those who helped make our first conference a success. It really was a great weekend, and couldn't have taken place without so many hands doing so much work. We are fortunate to have many members who are willing to offer their expertise in so many areas - calling and making arrangements, sitting at the computer and creating logos, posters, and other promotional materials, appearing on television and promoting us, stuffing giveaway goodie bags, and then sitting at the registration desks and greeting people as they arrive.

But now that the conference is done, we have work to do. Now the writing begins—or continues. Networking is great, instructional sessions are helpful, and inspirational speeches spark us to go on. But the actual writing has to take place as we sit alone at our laptops. Several members are participating in NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, pledging to write 50,000 words between November 1 and November 30. My goal isn't quite that high, but I plan to work on and complete a project.

This is where we need the help of our personal cheerleaders. In my house, there's a guy who would rather watch his sitcoms all the time but is willing to not watch it once in a while so that I can think in silence. There are critique partners who go over my writing with a fine tooth comb and look for ways to make the writing tighter and more appealing to editors. And there are kids and grandkids ready to cheer me on when I succeed. So I'm thankful for the support I have to pursue my dreams and go for my personal goals.

It's Thanksgiving. Time to give thanks. Remember to thank your personal cheerleaders. Personally.

Patty Kiyono


T L Doezema said...

Thanks for the reminder Patty! It's easy to get so focused on writing that you forget the people who help make that possible. Good way to start out this month!

Tess Grant said...

Nice reminder, Patty! Thanks.