Sunday, October 16, 2011

Riding the Rails

At the time that this will post, I will be on a train from Salt Lake City to Chicago.  My real job is sending me for a tech conference next week, at which time my brain will be full of techno-geekery instead of characters.  I'm hoping to get some serious chunks of writing done on the train however, and am hoping gorgeous scenery will provide additional inspiration.  Either way, I hope to have some fun stories to tell from the trip.

My latest inspiration has been coming from vintage sewing machines - of all places.  The Scot - a.k.a. Stewart has been popping up every time I win a new vintage machine.  It's really hard to not bid on something he's excited about, and it's fun when I do bring something new home.  To give you a peek into his mind set, take a look at the machines he "talked me into" getting.

The newest toy, a Singer 99K came home today.  He's really excited about this one as it'll just take a bit of cleaning, new grease and oil to get it running.  Best part for me is I've already got it sold once it's cleaned and running properly.  It appears to have been in a cabinet previously, but I'm thrilled it's not in a case as it's being shipped across the country later.

This next one is the first machine he really pressed me to get...mainly for the cabinet.  But I think he knew something I didn't, because when I opened it up I found it to be in great shape, and it has all of the original attachments with it.  Who knew that attachments would be harder to find than complete machines?

And the one that started it all, my grandmother's machine...which is now known as Black Betty.  It was when I first began to dig through closets to find her again that he popped up.  He loves a challenge, and I love to tinker.  Since I can't have a project truck, I now have project sewing machines; a much cheaper hobby than car restoration.

I must admit I've neglected her terribly, but Stewart assures me we'll get her working again.  He's taken to sounding like Scotty from Star Trek - he jokes with me about "She can't take any more Capt'n".  I love it when my characters make me laugh, no matter what the subject.

My only worry know is how am I going to get writing done for 4 characters and fit in the vintage machines.  Anyone got a good cloning device yet?

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Patricia Kiyono said...

What an interesting hobby! And it's cool that one of your characters "talks you into" buying them. No, I don't have any advice, except I tend to get more done when I schedule my days and limit my time on each project. Good luck!