Sunday, October 2, 2011

Imagination is Funny

This blog was written by Temple Hogan

I think that was an old favorite from a by-gone era. I’m talking fifties or earlier, but it comes back to haunt me now and then. I get caught up in the many elements of writing and always I think of imagination as first and most necessary. With imagination, man has been able to soar above and beyond his present reality. Without imagination, we wouldn’t have Ipods or electric cars or a hundred other technological gimmicks that make our lives better and sometimes more hectic. Without imagination we wouldn’t have the wonderful music and literature that calms or excites our souls and our imagination. Without imagination we wouldn’t have little girl tea parties or little boy Lego mania and so much more. Without imagination we wouldn’t have erotic romances. At least I think so. Maybe some writers are just writing down their own experiences, but some of us have to use our imagination.

Imagination is funny, but without it our lives would be dull and static. Without it we couldn’t see the beauty and joy beyond a given moment. When I have a writing block, oh yes, that famous writer’s block, that I write about so often, I realize that I haven’t let my imagination take over and do its thing. When I’ve given free rein to it, I can sit back and try to keep up with the story and characters my imagination is creating. Maybe that’s the heady thing about writing. When all the elements are right, you can’t stop, just like you can’t stop imagination. Everyone has one, everyone uses it. At least, I think so. I can’t imagine not using it, it’s such a basic part of our very psychic. I’ll bet if Freud had put his attention on man’s imagination rather than the id, he would have found a kinder understanding of who we are. Anyway, I have to go now, my imagination is running wild and I have to get it down on paper, uh, on the computer.

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Stephanie Michels, author said...

Nice article. I agree imagination is important but so many people think they aren't imaginative enough to be a writer. I love how you point out that when you give it free rein, it just takes over.

And when it does...oh my, what fun!