Thursday, October 20, 2011


(I apologize this is late!!)

I'm a busy lady. Most women writers are. They work full time jobs, they're 24/7 moms, or a combination of both. I fall in the first category.

My creativity-- or maybe my alter ego-- gets frustrated, even jealous of my demanding job. Sometimes it pouts. Sometimes it whines. But lately it's found a new tactic- and it's working quite well. It interrupts, but in a good way.

I daydream more than I used to. When I'm driving to work in dreary rainy weather and the coffee hasn't quite kicked in, I allow myself the luxury to daydream my next story. When I realize there won't be any spare time that day to devote to writing, I daydream. Maybe it's while I wait in line at the store that I'll start imagining a character's appearance. Or it's while I'm falling asleep that I formulate their motive. It might be a brief flash, an image, or an intuition. I never know what to expect. It also helps me stay in touch with the story and it keeps it fresh and vivid in my mind, so that when I do have time to write, it's right there, ready for polishing.

I may not always have access or time for pen, paper, or actual writing, but my mind is always with me- and on those high stress days when the mundane tasks of life feel overwhelming and endless, I indulge in a daydream. Like a morsel of dove chocolate. A guilty pleasure. And really, who can resist that?!

My alter ego won't be whining or pouting this Saturday. It gets to indulge in a whole chocolate fountain of creativity- The GRRWG writer's conference, hosted by this awesome group. An entire day on the topic of writing! No need to daydream. I'll be IN my dream.


Patricia Kiyono said...

We're all excited too! What better way to spend a Saturday! We're so glad you joined us. I'd love to hear how you're able to drive and work when you daydream!

Cheryl said...

It's scary the amount of writers, mostly in this group, who spend way too much time plotting and not paying attention when they drive.
You'll have a great time Saturday. Come to my workshop on plotting. I'll have chocolate.