Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conference Countdown

Before I joined my first writing group, I'd always thought of writing as a solitary profession. Just you, the typewriter/word processor and the paper .  Times have changed greatly in the years that I've been writing, and now we tend to think that it's just you and your PC, Mac, or iPad competing against every other writer in the universe, jealously guarding whatever trade secrets you've gleaned along the way. 

Well, I was delighted to discover it's not like that.  There are a lot of wonderful writers out there, working at day jobs, pounding keys at night, and excited to share the things they've learned, tips about markets, and what agents and editors to avoid.  The energy and excitement in that first group was great. We talked, we laughed, we bounced ideas off each other as we ate a meal and discussed writing.  That afternoon, on an adrenalin high, I went home and wrote an article that I sold the next week to  Working Writer Magazine.  Sadly, that publication is no longer around, but the adrenalin rush I get around other writers continues to motivate me.

Nowadays, I belong to GRRWG (Grand Rapids Region Writers Group), and I'm pleased to say I get that high on a nearly daily bases through our meetings, group email loop, and blog.  The GRRWG Writers' hard work and dedication to the craft of writing is incredible!  The group has quickly grown from the four pioneers who started it to three dozen writers of various ages.  What is more incredible is the volume of published work the authors are turning out.  Every meeting seems to have at least 2 or 3 new releases announced.  That sure spurs on the rest of us to go home and write.

Thanks to GRRWG writing is no longer the solitary profession I'd thought it was.  It's a group of friends supporting you, cheering you on, and ready to jump in when you draw a blank or hit a wall.  Through GRRWG, I renewed some old friendships, made new ones, and found my two critique partners.  When we meet, there's food, fun, and friendship, and I recharge my creative batteries with every contact.  

Have YOU ever wanted to write a book?  Do you imagine it as a solitary existence and don't know where to turn to learn the ropes?  Are you trying to figure it all out by yourself?  Well, it doesn't have to be that way. 

GRRWG is putting on it's conference (I've Always Wanted to Write a Book!) on October 21 and 22.  Circle those dates on the calendar.  There will be panels, seminars various types of books (romance, mystery, Young Adult, etc.), and a book signing with many of our published authors.  Our key note speaker at lunch (yes, the price includes your meal)  is popular author Jacqueline Carey.  Later there will be a book signing with many of our GRRWG authors.
If you've ever considered writing a book, do yourself a favor, and join us at the conference -- or come to one of our meetings -- I know you'll be glad you did.

Happy writing!

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