Saturday, September 10, 2011

Print on Demand Help

Ok, I am trying to figure out which is the best route to go in order to get my childrens books published.  I had submitted my books to 4 publishers and all of them have been rejected.  My pictures are a bit elementary - so not sure if that was an issue or not.  However, they are childrens books.  I am thinking that going "print on demand" would be a better route to take, especially since I do not have an agent.  What are the options of who is the best?  And what are the what not to do's?  Any advice would be very helpful.


Cheryl said...

Look at I'm not sure how they do picture books, but I'm loading The Apprentice Fairy Godmother to it so people at work can have a "real book."

Jamie Chester said...

Ok, Thank you. I did hear that lulu was not very good for marketing, but decent for print on demand. And the same thing with Author house. Im not sure since Im new to all of this. Do you have any information on Author house?