Friday, September 2, 2011

Dog Days of Summer Gone For Another Year

Posted for Peggy Hanchar

Wow I can’t believe we’re back to September already. Summer is literally gone. In a few days the kids will go back to school, if they haven’t already, the trees will begin to turn, the final flowers in their bed will wither and die. The boat has to be taken out of the water, the dock brought in, the patio furniture stored. The pace of life seems to quicken. We begin to plan ahead.
Somehow to me, this seems like the start of the New Year! I assess what has happened so far and what I’d like to happen in the coming months. These thoughts used to center around my family and in many ways they still do. But they also have to do with my writing. Yes, I’m looking forward to long uninterrupted mornings when I can get my writing quota in. More than that, I become more active. I’m especially open to new things in the air, as I suspect most of us are. First of all there’s that age-old need to harvest the produce of God’s green earth. Apples and pumpkins and squash. The need to make a display as small as a dining room table offering to something at the end of the drive around the mailbox of pretty squashes, fallen leaves, Indian corn and even bales of hay and cornstalks and scarecrows.
These things add to my feeling of well-being. All is right with the world. There’s a rhythm in the early fall that reassures. It brings a contentment different from that felt at any other season. So I do count my blessings. I look ahead to how I’ll spend those long dry fall days, of what I’ll do on the first snowfall, (make soup of course and home-made bread).
August for all its dog days was an amazing month for me. I got a fantastic cover on my last From the Sea Series, ENCHANTED ISLAND and I finished the second in my Taste of Darkness Series, DARK SECRETS. I got a new knee, met a deadline on completing my last book and sold enough books to keep me happily at my computer for months ahead. My plans for the coming months are to enjoy the beauty of a Michigan fall, get another new knee, write like crazy and meet the deadlines I’ve set for myself, try to lose ten pounds, do more to promo my books and enjoy the sweetness of life. I hope all of you have similar plans. I hope you’re feeling the joy of being alive! Because after the dog days of August, this is a special time~

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