Saturday, September 10, 2011

Coming Out This Month!

As I wrote the title for this blog, I thought how appropriate to use 'Coming Out' in regards to my next release. Never Letting Go is truly a coming out story about best friends, Leila and Ree.

Never Letting Go
September 21

Ree has been Leila’s best friend since her first day of work at the nonprofit research organization five years ago. They bonded immediately with a mutual interest in science and technology, as well as shared addictions to chocolate and Thai food. Being in the minority in a male-dominated field made their friendship even more precious to Leila. She couldn’t risk losing her best friend by exploring this new desire, but as desperate feelings of something wonderful slipping out of her reach flooded through her, she wondered how she could ever let go.


“Wait! I’m not dressed yet.” Leila used her elbow to keep the dressing room door closed while holding up the front of the purple strapless gown.

“What? You think you’ve got something I don’t?” her best friend Ree quipped as she pushed her way into the small changing room.

“Fine. Since you’re here, help me with this zipper.” Leila faced the mirror and watched Ree in the reflection.

Ree’s gaze slid over Leila’s exposed skin as she raised her hands to the small of Leila’s back. A shiver ran across Leila’s skin as she considered her friend’s eyes. Was there hunger in that look?

Slowly, Ree dragged the zipper up. “Lift your hair.” Her voice was husky and sent tingles swirling in Leila’s stomach.

Leila removed one hand from the front of the gown, tilted her head and swept her long black hair to the side. As she watched in the mirror, Ree bent forward. Her blonde hair tickled Leila’s shoulder as she brushed her lips across Leila’s bared neck.

Shocked, she froze as the sensation of both watching and feeling Ree’s kiss penetrated her brain. Before she could respond, Ree finished zipping the dress and stepped back as far as the tiny square room allowed.

With a half-smile, Ree stared at Leila’s reflection in the mirror. “You’re beautiful. Patrick is a lucky man.”

Leila’s gaze flicked from the aubergine dress that complemented her olive skin to Ree’s face. Sadness swamped her. She didn’t want to wear this dress for Patrick, or for any man. She wanted to wear it for Ree, to see the appreciation that now shone in Ree’s eyes as she spun around the dance floor with her best friend. They’d make a striking couple with Ree’s fair coloring and Leila’s darker looks.

She swallowed the words she wished she had the nerve to utter. Instead, she said, “Are you bringing Tony to the charity ball?”

Ree shrugged. “I might go solo this year.”

Solo? Maybe it was time to finally set Patrick adrift if Ree was willing to take that step with Tony. They’d both been dating their men about the same length of time, nearly four months, and for the past three months, Leila had known Patrick wasn’t her one true love.

Leila turned to face her friend. For a moment, she allowed her thoughts to fly free as she lost herself in Ree’s sky blue eyes. How wonderful would it feel to surrender to this magnetism and give herself to Ree?

Then reality grounded her as she thought about what the stodgy conservatives from their office would say about two female employees attending their biggest fundraiser of the year as a couple.

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