Sunday, September 4, 2011

Are you still here?

A few days ago I posted on my FB status: "The last week of summer vacation is like the last week of just want them to get the hell out." And boy, I must have hit a common nerve for Moms! I had over 25 people Like or comment on that post.

Really, I should feel a little bad about that post because my boys are actually awesome. They almost never fight. They can feed themselves (mostly). They entertain themselves with the TV, computer games, Wii, reading!, and playing outside with friends. So why the FB post?

Because I'm ready for change.

I'm the type of person who craves changes. I stagnate when my schedule remains constant for too long. I start to feel itchy in my skin and lethargic, losing my desire to be creative or productive. I NEED change in my life, which makes working a regular 9 to 5 office job make me feel suicidal. Fortunately, my hubby loves to go to work consistently everyday while I get to do a variety of part-time entrepreneurial endeavors to add the decorative icing to our financial cake.

My latest endeavor is returning to teaching as an Adjunct at a local community college. I'm absolutely thrilled to be returning to the classroom. And get this! The two classes I'll be teaching are on the condensed schedule. Instead of regular 15 week classes, I get to teach 12 week classes! The perfect arrangement for someone like me who is "regular schedule-challenged".

So I'm definitely ready for a change in seasons, not that I want the temperatures to get any cooler though. That's one thing that I wish would stay at a constant 75 degrees.

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