Monday, August 15, 2011

A Novel Idea

by Tanya Eby

All last month I missed my blog posting. I'd like to say I had a really good reason for it. A reason like "I was so busy working on my new novel that I just couldn't stop!" or "I was busy filling out all the paperwork for a publishing contract!" but the truth was closer to "I was watching a marathon of 'Chopped' episodes while eating Cheetos and complaining that I'll never fit into the wedding dress I bought."

Yep. That's closer to the truth.

Ah well. I took a month off from writing. I did. And I'm okay with that. Why? Because everyone needs a vacation, even a Type-A writer like me. (I think I'm probably a Type-B personality, except with writing. In writing, I'm all Rambo edges and Wall Street Stock Investor cruelty. I don't know why.)

So I took that vacation.

Now I'm having a little trouble getting started again. I'm still trying to rewrite my 4th book "Foodies Rush In", but I've gotten discouraged with the lack of response from agents (though eight or so have read the first 50 pages). I upped the conflict in the book, and it's better now, and it's sitting with two editors from a major publishing house, but I just feel like I've lost my mojo for this story. I want to move on.

I especially want to move on because I have a novel idea. That phrase makes me smile, because it is an idea for a novel and it is an idea that feels fresh and new to me. Oh, the potential of a new project! Characters to discover! Plots to develop!

Writing is like forming all these new relationships. Poor "Foodies Rush In", though. I feel bad for her. If she doesn't wrap herself in plastic wrap and show me some boobies soon, then I'm moving on. This new novel is so tempting...that I can't wait to get started.

Instead of getting started, I thought I'd blog instead. Just delaying the satisfaction, I guess.

And still hoping that "Foodies" still has some twinkle for me. She used to, I just lost a little faith in her.


J.C. Hanks said...

I love that statement of "wrap herself in plastic wrap and show me some boobies". Made me burst out a much needed laugh! Thanks for the visual. :)

Tanya Eby said...

Ha! So glad you laughed. :)

Tess Grant said...

Tanya--you are always good for lifting my spirits. Don't worry...Foodie's magic will come back...

Anonymous said...

Life is short. Eat the Cheetos and buy a larger size dress. :D But don't stop writing!

Hope the magic comes back to Foodies for you.