Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cats, Bats, and Deadlines

It's that time again and I had absolutely no idea what to write about. I could've stolen one of my posts from one of my other blogs and posted it here, but then reality struck and I wasn't stumped for an idea anymore.

I went to bed early (anything before midnight, is early in my book) at like 11:30, because the words were starting to run together on the screen, which is rarely a good sign. At 1am, a very nice, black and gray flying rodent decided that I needed to be visited. Now, I don't mind bats - OUTSIDE or in a cage or someplace NOT in MY house and certainly not in my bedroom.

After much flapping around it found its way into the living room - on the other side of the house. I turned every light in the house on except Bug's, who's bedroom door was closed, and made my way out to the living room. The living room and office ceiling fans were on, the lights weren't. Ducking and dodging the bat as it zoomed its way around my ceiling and head is so not my idea of fun.

My cat, Tuarwen, decided that the bat was either a new friend to play with or food. While in mid-flight, kitty jumps about 4-6 feet up (old house with like 10-12 foot ceilings) and snags it and pounces it to the floor - there is much squealing from the bat. It escapes and flies some more. It's kind of like a game of tag or tackle football. Tuarwen sits and waits and pounces when the bat gets close enough. The third time she gets it, it flies up and disappears.

With the light on, Tuarwen is staring at the bookcase looking for it. I see what looks like a bookmark. But no, it's the bat. It did land on the Harry Potter books, so maybe it wanted to read about witches. I tossed a towel over it and a book, and went to get a container. It found a hidy-hole behind the books and I decided it could stay there until morning.

Two games of spider solitaire and staring at my current work-in-progress, which is under deadline, and I decide writing is not a good thing then, because the flying fur-ball will most likely end up in the book and I don't want to write about them.

In the morning the bat goes nicely into the container, which has holes in the lid. I call the veterinarian and the nature center. Nature center doesn't want it and says to let it go and the recording for the DNR says to call back during normal business hours. Now, I want to know if it has rabies, because it was playing with the cat - by the way the mouth is really tiny - creepy, but tiny. The vet doesn't want it. I certainly don't want it. Bug wants to see it and pet it. We took pictures and let it go on the university campus, which admittedly is less than a mile from my house, by it's still NOT my house.

The bat is free and Tuarwen got to see the vet tech and get a rabies shot, even though she's up to date on her vaccinations. Now we get to watch her for the next 45 days and if she gets sick, we have to go back to the vet.

The work-in-progress - I'm working on it. I'll make it - as long as there are no more late night visitors.

In the meantime, read and enjoy the sweltering days of summer.



chocoaddict said...

Interesting story! So maybe it won't be in this book, but I'll bet you can work it in a future one!

Patty K

Simone Anderson said...


I probably could, but I don't know that I want to. It was a bit too creepy at 1 am. But, you never know.

Tess Grant said...

My barn houses lots of bats. While I enjoy the fringe benefits of very few mosquitos, I don't like the little guys very much!

Jenn said...

It's creepy when they are in your house! Been there done that. Ugh! I like the way you tell your version of a bat in the house.