Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Are Friends For?

My newest release coming out in a few weeks (Aug. 8) takes place on a cruise ship - Aboard Pleasure. This adults-only cruise gives straight-laced lawyer Violet a chance to leave her staid, earth-bound rules of behavior ashore as she celebrates her birthday with her two best friends, Carrie and Mirabelle. And her friends are more than willing to help her shed her uptight trappings. In fact, they have packed some extra special clothes just for that reason.

What woman doesn't like playing dress up and feeling a little sexier? But when Carrie pulls out this little bit of a swim suit for Violet, she balks until Carrie and Mirabelle convince her to put it on. For a woman who only wears one-piece bathing suits, this is a whole lot of nothing to wear in public!

But when you've got two men who look like this and want to buy you a drink at the poolside bar, you don't waste time arguing with your girlfriends in your cabin.

Aboard Pleasure

Sailing away from shore aboard Pleasure cuts Violet's ties with her staid, earth-bound rules of behaviour and frees her to explore her sexual fantasy of being with two men.

Violet would never have taken time off for this vacation if her best friends hadn't pushed her. Once she's aboard the adults-only cruise ship Pleasure, she sheds her inhibited lawyer persona, and her inner wild woman comes out to play with the two Greek men she meets by accident. When her heart gets involved after one night of intense pleasure, she slips away without saying goodbye, but Alec and Theo won't let her go.

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