Sunday, July 10, 2011

Feed Your Head

I haven’t heard the term “writer’s block” in a long time. Since I began writing regularly a couple years ago, I haven’t had anything occur in my writing process resembling what could be called “writer’s block.” In fact, my best ideas occur when I’m not at the keyboard at all. There are other tools I use to keep my words flowing.

1. I write. I have several writing outlets, from a daily journal, using an “old-fashioned” pen and notebook, to my personal blog at, guest-blogging here at the Grand Rapids Region Writers Group, editing my final draft of Talking to Strangers and working on my new project, Thicker Than Water. If I’m stuck in one area, I go to the next. Since I made the commitment of daily blogs at penandplow, I find my words and ideas sprout overnight.

2. Walking opens my head. If I spend forty-five minutes to an hour walking my dog, I have the perfect opportunity to spend undistracted time thinking about plot lines and character development.

3. I attend a weekly critique group. With a variety of writers offering opinions and suggestions about my work, I end up with a collection of comments and ideas.

4. The Grand Rapids Region Writers Group meets monthly and there are presentations on a variety of topics, the most recent being How to Pitch to an Agent or Editor. Hanging out for a couple hours with other writers, finding out the latest news, challenges and issues, it’s only natural that I find the writing part of my brain reinvigorated.

If your ideas aren’t flowing in a particular area of writing, try something else. Write haiku. Begin a blog and make a commitment to post on a regular basis. Surprise an old friend by hand-writing a letter and mailing it – the old-fashioned way. Find five random words from the dictionary and combine them into a short story.

You’re a writer. Do whatever it takes. Write.


chocoaddict said...

Great advice, Sharon. It's so easy to just give up when the ideas don't come when we want them to. We need to have an arsenal of tactics to keep the ideas coming.


Lori's Page said...

I agree, mostly these days, for me, it's constant RE-write....

Theresa Grant said...

Absolutely, Sharon. The more I write, the more I find it's there when I need it.